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NEW - American Baby Cradle (18”x36”) Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pad.

Top: 100% Cotton; Middle: 100% Polyester; Back: Waterproof 100% Vinyl. Measures 18 inches x 36 inches x 4 inches. Fits up to 2" Cradle mattress.
SOFT PROTECTION: Our Waterproof pads not only protect the mattress, they offer soft quilted cushion for added comfort.
QUIET: Extra soft materials eliminate noisy “crinkling” sounds.
EASY CLEANUP: Our Pads make for an easy way to clean up after that occasional night time accident. Just pull them off, and throw them in the wash.
VALUE: Deep pockets with elastic trim for a snug fit. Machine washable and dryable.

American Baby Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pad - 18”x36”

SKU: 211951
GST/HST Included
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