Drill America DWDRSD Series Qualtech High-Speed Steel Economy Reduced-Shank Drill Bit, Black Oxide Finish, 1/2" Round Shank, Spiral Flute, 118 Degrees Conventional Point, 7/8" Size, Pack of 1 NEW.
High-speed steel tools are good for most general purpose applications, offering a combination of hardness and toughness for wear resistance.  Black oxide treatment adds lubricity and creates small pockets on the surface of the tool that act to hold coolant near the cutting edge.  Round shanks allow use with a wide variety of toolholding systems.  
When run in a counterclockwise direction (right-hand cut) spiral fluted tools evacuate chips up and out of the cut to reduce clogging.  Ideal for drilling in low and medium tensile strength materials.

Black Oxide, 7/8” size, reduced shank drill bit. Fits 1/2’

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