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Brass Impact Sprinkler on Zinc Spike.  Pickup address at bottom of posting. Item is an Amazon return in original packaging.  Item has been inspected but not tested.  Item is in new condition.


The Orbit Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tri-point Step Spike is ideal for watering large areas. Designed for dependability, impact heads have an uninterrupted water flow that are clog-resistant, even when used with dirty or reclaimed water from ponds and canals. Attached to a heavy-duty step spike, this sprinkler sprays up to a 90-foot diameter. Easily adjust the coverage from a partial section to a full circle. Features a deflector shield for distance adjustment and an anti-backsplash arm to aid in spray pattern and area coverage. A simple twist of the diffuser screw breaks up the water stream, creating larger or smaller water droplets. The flow-through outlet allows you to connect multiple sprinklers to expand your watering areas depending on water pressure. The all-metal construction is designed to hold up against the typical wear and tear that most impact sprinklers experience, giving you years of dependable use.


LARGE-AREA COVERAGE: Sprays up to 90 feet in diameter, covering 6,361 square feet when set to a full circle.

HEAVY-DUTY BRASS: The brass construction can withstand high-water pressures and severe weather conditions without the worry of breaking, rusting, or failing.

ADJUSTABLE COVERAGE: Easily adjust spray coverage from a partial section to full 360ø watering.

CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Use the deflector shield and diffuser screw to alter the stream and change the spray distance radius anywhere from 20 to 45 feet.

ANTI-BACKSPLASH ARM: Improves the sprinklers ability to spray water in a consistent pattern and in the desired direction.

FLOW-THROUGH OUTLET: Use as a single sprinkler or connect multiple sprinklers in a series to expand your watering coverage.

STABLE DESIGN: Simply step onto the zinc, tri-point spike to insert it into soil or turf to keep the sprinkler anchored in the ground.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Step spike made with quality zinc materials to ensure it will last season after season.

RESISTS CLOGS: Flow-through design, resistant to clogs and ideal for secondary water.

Brass Impact Sprinkler on Zinc Spike

SKU: g230204
GST/HST Included
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