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Compressed Towel Washcloth Mini Coin Washing Tissue Magic Facial Cleaner Disposable Capsules Cloth Non-woven Fabrics Portable for Home & Outdoor Activities - perfect for when you don’t have baby or sanitizing wipes!  Clean up any sticky situation in no time!

Made of non-woven fabrics, its non toxic. The super soft touch makes you feel more comfortable and gives the baby the same care.

High-tech compressed paper towels, it is lightweight and portable UV disinfected. You can carry it anywhere.

Compared with traditional towels, it is disposable, which means more clean and sanitary and it is not easy to breed bacteria.

Individual and independent packaging makes it more convenient and quick to use. It doesnt occupy your space and is suitable for outdoor travel or personal care.

To turn the mini coin into usual towel, you just need to put it into a little water for a few seconds. Then you will see the magic!

Prices include required taxes.  Price matching available on same item/model.  Send me a link (not a pic) to consider.

Compressed Towel Washcloth - Mini Coin Sized Cloth Expands (+/- 100 pcs)

SKU: g230263
GST/HST Included
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