NEW Dreamgirl Women's Exquisite Cleopatra Costume Ladies size small

Dreamgirl proudly presents our Exquisite Cleopatra costume for women featuring a black velvet gown with Egyptian embossed pattern, an Egyptian sequined collar, & Egyptian patterned belt to complete your Dreamgirl transformation.

Stylishly designed for a sexy & form fitting fit, empower your inner Dreamgirl with our black velvet gown with embossed Egyptian pattern & show off every inch of your curves.

Our comfortable & stylish gold Egyptian styled belt will be sure to catch any Prince's attention with your comfort in mind.

Complete your look with a comfortable & complimenting Egyptian sequined collar that will steal the eyes of any Princes’s looking in your direction.

100% Polyester / Dry Clean Only

Dreamgirl Women's Exquisite Cleopatra Costume Ladies Small

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