Item was used (once?) and returned to retailer.  Item works as prescribed by manufacturer and has all moving parts and accessories.  THE ONLY THING MISSING is the fluid cap (see picture 3). This does not affect how the machine functions though.  A replacement might be available through Hoover.  Alternatively a piece of duct tape over the opening would prevent sloshing.

This unit retails at Canadian Tire for $559.  It is in excellent working condition (accessory hose and wand were never used) and the price reflects the fact that the cleaning solution tank cap is missing and that it was used once.  Please don’t haggle. It works and it works well.  If you want to haggle because of the cap and a little dirt around the inside of the intake tank - please go to Canadian Tire and get a machine that has a cap and no dirt.

Hoover SmartWash PET Complete Automatic Carpet Cleaner

SKU: 211113
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