NEW Iris & Lilly Women's BLIDL1722, (Black Beauty), 36B 

4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon - description from reviews.  On inspection the bra is very well made, looks great when dressed and is also incredibly comfortable to wear. Nothing presses, slips, pinches, scratches or tenses - even after a long day of movement, it is super comfortable even in the evening and leaves no red stripe on the skin when undressing. 

The lightweight, push-up padding also brings a small bust in a very nice round shape, but in my case does not conjure a dream décolleté - which does not bother me, since it has far exceeded my expectations in comfort. 

The price-performance ratio is very good in this case and from me there is a very clear purchase recommendation!

82% Polyamide, 18%elastane / Imported / Machine Wash / Iris & Lilly is an Amazon brand.

Iris & Lilly Women's Bra - 36B - Black Beauty Model (50% off retail price)

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