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NEW in box item returned to online retailer has been unboxed and inspected and is in NEW in box condition and confirmed as a Jolly Jumper Pee Pee Pad.

Protect your car seat and stroller from unintended spills and accidents with the jolly jumper pee pee pad. Softly padded with a waterproof backing, this quilted car seat protector provides a comfortable cushion between your infant and the car seat upholstery. Make travel a little less worrisome (especially with a potty training toddler, because we all know there are potty training struggles.).

Keeps car seats and strollers clean and dry.  Designed for car seat or stroller's own safety harness.  Soft quilting with non-skid waterproof backing.  Harness guard protects crotch harness from leaks or soils.  Machine washable.

Jolly Jumper Pee Pee Pad

SKU: 211652
GST/HST Included
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