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144 CT (4 PK of 36) LivaClean Pimple Patches


A yearbook photo, a work meeting, or even a first date.... what do all these have in common? It’s the worst time to have that big blemish on your face! Just calling the attention to itself (The only thing more embarrassing than my browser history). So we knew we had to fight this problem.


We saw the power of a blemish patch and how it could completely bring that nasty residue out of your blemish in just a couple of hours! Wait, I know what you are thinking... This seems too good to be true... right? It's because: It is!


We get you and we want you to feel great under your skin. That's why when we designed our blemish patch, we focused on creating a product that had no harsh chemicals, or that dries out your face just to get rid of your blemish.

LivaClean Pimple Patches 144CT (4 pk of 36)

SKU: gb230415
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