NEW Lutron Maestro Dual Dimmer Switch for Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs, Single-Pole, MA-L3L3-WH, White 50% off retail price.

The Maestro Dual Dimmer is a great replacement for stacked switches commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. It combines the function of two dimmers in one control, but is still packed with all of Maestro's smart features. This dual dimmer can be used with 300 Watts of incandescent/halogen bulbs only on both the top and bottom loads. The easy-to-operate tap switch turns lights on/off to your favorite light level or tap twice for full on. Press, hold and release the switch for delayed fade-to-off. Delayed fade-to-off gives you 10-60 seconds to leave the room or get into bed before the lights go out. Adjust the light level for any activity using the rocker. LED’s display the light level and glow softly in the dark, so you can easily find the control.

Only works with incandescent and halogen bulbs; 300W for both top and bottom load.   Indicator lights show current light level, as well as glow softly, so you can find the dimmer in the dark.   Combines the capabilities of two Maestro dimmers into the space of one dual control.   Tap once for your favorite light level; tap twice for full on; use the rockers to dim/brighten.   Includes (1) Lutron Maestro dual dimmer switch; coordinating wallplate sold separately.

Lutron Maestro Dual Dimmer Switch for Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs, Single-Pol

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