NEW. Retails for over $500 online. This LED light offers a Low-profile design to complement or blend in with surroundings. Provides energy saving replacement for incandescent, compact fluorescent and HID lamp sources up to 250W.   Great residential uses over garage doors, shed doors, or for pool cabanas.  Very practical use to illuminate store or building doors. Easily mounts to a variety of junction box types or fastens directly to wall for seamless retrofitting. Outstanding long life (L70 > 100,000 hours) provides maintenance savings. The Philips Stonco LytePro LED Outdoor Wall Sconce (LPW) combines excellent performance, design and value to meet the needs of the energy and budget conscious. LytePro LED Sconces are best suited for use in downward facing, surface wall mount applications, over recessed junction boxes or where power can be directly fed through back surface, whereby connection splices can be made inside the luminaire housing.

Housing is black.

LED wall mount Outdoor Sconce 4000k NEW Philips Stonco Philips Keene

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