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12.6“ Nonstick Spatula Turner, KSENDALO Thin Slotted Spatula, Wide Nylon Blade Lightweight but Sturdy Kitchen Fish Spatula, Desgin for Non-Stick Pan, Black

Bright brushed stainless handle, food grade imported nylon material; With hole for hanging up; Size: 32x10x1.5cm, Weight: 73g; Heat resistant up to 400℉, please DON'T use the spatula on steel pan, iron pan which is easily over the max temaperature, SUITABLE for paintcoat pan only.

Wide Thin Blade Utility Everyday Use FISH SPATULA THIS IS A medium size spatula with a little bit of an angle and a thin edge! THIS IS A nicely made, good size and angle, should work beautifully for most foods Turner This ended up being a perfect match. The quality/function will surprising you! This turner is perfect for cooking omelets, stir fry, burgers, fish, vegetables, French fries, crab cakes, hamburgers, meatballs, mix, stir, and flip just about everything Also Good for baking food for Meat, Fish, Roasted carrots and potatoes, etc. 
The blade come with large, 1~2mm thickness, greatly help you turn the food in perfect way. You’ll be pleased that it how wonder it works! Mainly purposes: - Flip Omelets - Create Healthy Stir Fry without extra oil - Remove Steamed Vegetables Safely - Turn Fish - Saute` Vegetables - Strain Foods - Turn Foods on the Grill - Stovetop and Grill Cooking - Healthy Cooking - Roast Meats and Vegetables - Beautiful Designer Quality Appeal by European Designer Come and by this, you will love this! Great gift idea for anyone who regularly enjoys meals at home. Kindly reminder: The nylon material DO only suitable for non-stick pan, no use for stainless pan, iron pan (which will be easily over 400℉) to avoid melt although it is food grade material.

Nonstick Spatula KSENDALO

SKU: 221536
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