Brand new Pop It Handbag.  Has Minnie Mouse bow on top and comes with adjustable strap that attaches to the bag.

Pop bags are a unique 2 in 1 design consisting of pop it purse and shoulder bag, our pop it purse toy can be used both as a bag and as a decompression fidget toy when you need it. You will get the joy of pressing the bubbles down and feel extremely fun!

This pop it bag is like pop fidget toys,when you press and they make a slight popping sound, just like popping bubble-wrap.The pop toy has soft bubble, comfortable touch.The bright color and pleasant sound can relieve people's stress, release anxiety, keep your good mood and get rid of boredom during the daily life. Home essentials games that the elderly, student, women and men can play.

This fidget purse is made of high-quality silicone materials, with a smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons,which are safe, durable and easy to clean. If it gets dirty, wash it with water and this fidget purse can be used many times.

The pop it bag is lightweight and easy to carry. You can take it anywhere. You can use it as a pop purse, crossbody bag, cute shoulder bag or pop fidget toy. You can always take it with you in classrooms, lawns, parks, cars, planes, schools, offices, restaurants, camping and travel. Have fun anywhere.
Adjustable strap
20cm across / 12.5cm high / 2.5cm wide
7.75in across / 5in high / 1in wide

Pop It Handbag with Minnie style ears and bow

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