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120ft by 54in Red Checkered Disposable Plastic Tablecloth Roll with Slide-Cutter, Plus 6 Metal Table Cover Clips | for Any Size/Shape - great for backyard dining, crafts, events - will cover up to 22 60” rectangular tables. Retails for over $100 on Amazon w/taxes.


This party essential roll is smell-free made of environment friendly plastic material. Made safe for the environment, at the same time, these tablecloths are heavy duty, high-quality, wrinkle-resistant and provides superior protection to your table against stains, spills, and scratches at outdoor or indoor events. It's non-toxic, odorless, recyclable and economical with zero-waste.

PREMIUM QUALITY & MINIMAL TRANSPARENCY: These table cover rolls weigh 110g per 54" x 108" sheet (20g more than others). We have ensured that they are thick enough to ensure minimal transparency and elegant décor for the occasion. One single roll can cover up to 15 big 8ft long tables and 25 short tables. VALUE for MONEY!

SLIDE-CUTTER FOR CUSTOM LENGTH: With our built-in slide cutter, you can cut the tablecloth to the custom size you want, until 120 feet long! Our versatile rolls are neatly rolled in a box so you can cut to fit tables or surface of any length, cut in half to make table runners or cut into squares to make toppers for table cloths. Each roll of tablecloth is equipped with a slide cutter, allowing you to create a perfectly sized plastic cover for Rectangle, Square, Round or Oval tables.

SIX STAINLESS STEEL CLIPS: The package includes bonus Six Stainless Steel Clips to keep tablecloth fixed in place. It's perfect to add to the style and décor of your event, and protect your surface during art works or children crafting. These great table cloths will light up your room and holiday parties.

BEST FOR YOU & MOTHER EARTH: YOU deserve to use disposable without compromising on your values and saving earth. If you are tired of washing up all of your tablecloths, we’ve got the perfect solution! EASY TO USE & PORTABLE, perfect for Picnic Party, Banquet, Birthdays, Weddings, anniversary parties, thanksgiving dinners, Christmas celebrations, BBQ or other festival occasions and food services, kids' arts and crafts, drop cloths for painting.

Red Checkered Disposable Plastic Tablecloth Roll w/Slide-Cutter, 6 metals table

SKU: g230231
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