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Starfrit 024704 The Rock Electric Fondue Set, Multi, 024704-002-0000, One Size

Starfrit Electric Fondue Set
The perfect party companion
Your party will surely be a success with this 12-piece Starfrit Electric Fondue set - use it to prepare your favorite Chinese, cheese or chocolate fondue. The adjustable temperature control helps monitor the heat for the perfect cooking temperature. An electric fondue is a safer alternative to traditional fondues that use gel fuel so you can entertain with safety in mind.

The quick-release magnetic cord is designed for added safety to prevent dangerous spill-over - it detaches easily when cord is pulled on or accidentally tripped over.

The set includes 8 color coded forks are included to avoid mixing and allow your guests to serve themselves without having to wait.

Your Starfrit electric fondue set has been designed with safety in mind with its detachable magnetic power cord, cool-touch handles on the stainless steel pot and its splash guard that holds 8 forks.

Its temperature control dial is easily accessible and the LED indicator lets you know when it's in use. The stainless steel pot can be heated up on the stove top or directly on the heating element.

Starfrit 024704 The Rock Electric Fondue Set

SKU: 222032
GST/HST Included
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