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Seafolly Womens Multi Strap Hipster Full Coverage Bikini Bottom Swimsuit - size UN14.S12/CA  Retails online for $91.52.  Why pay full retail?!?! - pair with your favourite bikini top and head to the beach!

Shopping for swimwear is no easy feat. At Seafolly, we know you’re not just a number or a size. We know it’s about your shape, your style and what you do in our swim. Fit is a feeling! Feel for yourself.

With a range of fits; petite & playful, figure flattering & free, curvy & confident and slimming & supported you can wear your swim with confidence on and off the sand. Whether you are looking to reveal or conceal, the Seafolly coverage spectrum has you covered (or uncovered).

We’re Australia’s leader in swimwear, born and worn since 1975. We believe great fit is a feeling; it frees you to do more and be more, in swimwear and cover-ups made to last and love.

Our design inspiration comes from our active, carefree Australian beach culture. Every piece is fitted and tested on real women and it shows. Seafolly’s product quality is at the heart of what makes us different.

This style is made with fibers made from recycled materials so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part. Not only has this environmentally responsible new fabric recycled industrial waste, it has helped offset the need for new resources such as petroleum and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Support us as we work to a more sustainable SEAFOLLY.

At SEAFOLLY we believe fit a feeling not a size. All our swimwear is designed in Australia. We fit every single piece on real women on a multitude of body shapes. We thoroughly test our fabrics to ensure they will last without stretching, sagging or fading over time. All our tops and bottoms are made to love and last. With design details that ensure a superior fit, we inspire confidence when it matters most.

Low legline hipster fit. Multi strap detail at hips. Full coverage.

Seafolly Womens Multi Strap Hipster Full

SKU: 221895
GST/HST Included
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